Bolaven Plateau

Spread across the south of Laos, mainly in the Champasak province, lies the Bolaven Plateau, an elevated region with many waterfalls and famous for its cool climate and excellent coffee. The area, due to its strategic position, played an important role in the French colonial period, Phu Mi Bun revolt and the Vietnam war and remnants of these shaped the regions unique character. The French believed the cool climate made the area a good place for coffee, rubber and various fruits and vegetables. And the strategic position of the region made it a target for bombing during the Vietnam war, and is visible by the many leftover unexploded ordnances still in the area, so it is wise to not venture off-course for safety measures. The name Bolaven comes from the ethnic group, Laven, which historically inhabited the region, but domestic migrations by the Lao ethnic group resulted in widespread interethnic marriages that modified the ethnic composition of the region. The main industries in the region are agriculture and tourism that contribute greatly to the local economy.

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