Visa to Vietnam

Foreigners or Vietnamese holding foreign passports are exempt from visas to enter and stay in Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang Province) for no more than 30 days.

Visa exemption for 15 days
Citizens of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland holding different kinds of passports; citizens of Japan, South Korea and Russia holding ordinary passports are exempt from visa requirements and are allowed to stay for no more than 15 days.

Under the No 46 Decree/ Decree - the Vietnamese Government newly issued, citizens of United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, will no longer need a visa to Vietnam starting in July 2015 for stays up to 15 days regardless of the type of passport and entry purposes.

Unilateral visa exemption for Vietnamese citizens: The republic of Panama is exempt from visa requirements with tourism purposes for Vietnamese citizens holding ordinary passports.
If your nationality is not listed above, it means you require to apply for a visa to Vietnam. Anyone who books a tour with Jewel Tours will get a visa approval letter for FREE within 2 working days. We also offer fast track services for your holiday,  let us add this to your tour requirement upon request of any tour on our website.  

Update on 27 Oct, 2015: Vietnam is working to attract more tourist to travel to Vietnam, from 23 Nov, 2015 all tourist visa stamp on arrival at International airport were reduced from US$ 45/pax to US$ 25/pax for 30 days single entry. Multi entries visa stamp were also reduced from US$ 65/95 to US$ 50/pax. See the below table for detail:


Fee name 

Fee per pax


 Visa with single entry (01 month and 03 months)

25 USD


 Visa with multiple entry:



 a) Valid for 03 months

50 USD


 b) Valid from 03 to 06 months

95 USD


 c) Valid from 06 months to 01 year

135 USD


 First time enter Vietnam with visa exemption, then exit and re-enter Vietnam within the period of  less than 30 days


*Recently there was agenda between United States and Vietnam, and it was approved that US citizen entering Vietnam will issue only 1 year visa with multi entries with the visa stamp fees at airport that cost US$ 135 per person (Payment only in cash)

With these new fees,  there are good opportunities for travel companies to develop and attract more tourists to Vietnam. For making a deep impressions on tourists, right after they enter the Vietnamese airports, tourism companies take care of VIP customers in an original style, and for that we introduce AIRPORT FAST TRACK SERVICE (Fast-track):

                1. Normal pickup: The staff will hold a client name board at the international area, receive the passport and stamp fee, fast track and support for filling information in entry form. Return passport and guide clients to get through the gate of entry and exit control, stamp entry visa. 

                 2. VIP B pickup: Procedure is the same as normal pickup. Afterwards, clients are send through a private gate for making fast procedure of entry visa stamp.

In case of a group, clients directly go to the entry procedure area for delegates, the border gate police will identify each client and stamp entry visa in passport. Client can get to the  baggage pick-up area, and then our staff will return for making visa procedures, clients do not need to wait for any procedures.

                 3. Get luggage: This procedure is the same as VIP B pickup. Then the staff follows the  clients to the baggage claim and support clients to get baggage out of the conveyor belt, clients have to be present to identify their luggage.

Vietnamese people
 that hold foreign passports and foreigners who are their husbands, wives and children are exempt from visa requirements to enter Vietnam and are allowed to stay for no more than 90 days. In order to be granted visa exemption certificates at  the Vietnamese representative offices abroad, overseas Vietnamese need the following conditions:

  • Foreign-issued permanent residence certificate (PRC) with the validity of at least six months since the date of entry.
  • Visa exemption paper (VEP) is granted by Vietnamese appropriate authorities.

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